• Here For You – KBC & ulster bank leaving ireland
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    Here For You – KBC & ulster bank leaving ireland

    As KBC and Ulster Bank leave the Irish banking market, their customers are faced with the headache of finding new financial services providers that meet their needs. On top of this, customers looking for a new bank are experiencing significant delays in registering for a credit card or accessing an overdraft. While both institutions are…

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    3 TRAVEL SCAMS TO BE WARY OF DURING COVID-19 Travel feels like a distant dream since the onset of COVID-19. However, travel companies, airlines and hotel websites across the world are now coming up with hard to miss travel deals for Summer 2021. While this may be exciting, it’s also important be aware that coronavirus…

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  • Budgeting and Borrowing this Christmas

    Budgeting and Borrowing this Christmas

    This Christmas will be very different as compared to previous years. While this time of the year is expensive for everyone, it might be a little harder on some more than others. It is important that we’re cautious of where our funds are coming from and how we’re allocating them this Holiday season.

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  • Look Out for these 5 Holiday Scams

    Look Out for these 5 Holiday Scams

    With the holiday period approaching, it is important to talk about Christmas Cyber Security Scams. A lot of us are panicked and frantic in December while we scramble to finish our Christmas Shopping. This can make us vulnerable to various holiday scams designed by fraudsters to take advantage of the vulnerable. According to a Cybersecurity…

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  • Back To School Saving Ideas

    Back To School Saving Ideas

    Planning back to school expenses can be stressful for a lot of us. If you’re a student entering third level education or a parent of a student returning to school, these saving tips are ultimate life savers. Buy Local and Prep in Advance This one can be an obvious one, but it’s advice we often…

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  • Understanding Interest Charges

    Understanding Interest Charges

    The latest research carried out by iReach Insights and funded by the Irish League of Credit Unions has found that the majority of Irish credit card holders do not fully understand the interest charges on their credit card bill. A startling 68% of consumers have admitted that the charges are confusing, with many also claiming…

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