When designed properly, gardens can provide an extra room in your home. Even a small area can be so valuable. Here’s 5 tips for improving your small garden.


1. Fold-up furniture

A great way to make use of small space is to make it diverse. Fold-up furniture means you can quickly and easily change the function and layout of your garden. And it takes up even less space when it’s packed away.


2. Check the sun

It’s important to understand the path the sun takes in relation to your garden. While south-facing gardens are considered a luxury in that they are exposed to sunlight most of the day, all gardens should enjoy the sun for at least a small amount of time. Figure out the most sun-kissed areas of your garden, and build around this.


3. Mirrors

Mirrors? Outdoors? Absolutely! Garden mirrors are all the rage (if Pinterest says so it must be true). Not only do they look great, but they give the perception of a bigger space too. And correct positioning means that you’ll have light bouncing around your space.


4. Smaller Storage

Outdoor storage can take up lots of valuable space. Many of us find ourselves with a standard sized garden shed, regardless of the size of our garden. But often we find this packed with things we may never use again. If your garden shed takes up too much space, consider downsizing to a smaller, weather sealed container. You won’t believe how much space it could reveal. And it could help get rid of some unnecessary clutter, too!


5. Plant up

While flowers and plants are often seen as a garden essential, they don’t need to take over. Consider buying shrubbery that grows up, rather than out. This can make use of underutilised space, and give more room where it matters – on the ground.


Ready to get started? Many of these improvements can be made right away, but if you feel your garden needs a complete makeover, check out our Personal Loans. Or – if your curious how much you can borrow – open up our Loan Calculator, and view your repayments to get a feel for what you can afford. Your dream garden might not be so far away after all.


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